My Christmas Tradition: North Pole Interviews

Ever since I was younger, I’ve had this Christmas tradition of writing a North Pole Interview to share with my friends and family. It’s one of the highlights of the year – coming up with a new plot line each year is always thrilling.

I mean, it never fails. Something seems to happen that will potentially ruin Christmas almost every year. Jack Frost, the reindeer, ninja elves, and yetis have to be there to back Santa up to fix whatever issue has arisen.

But what would a story be without some sort of conflict?

My hope is to one day put all of these short stories into a book and print it. It’d be such a great thing to share with my children in the future (whenever that ends up happening).

If you want to take a look at them, here are the links to my some of my previous North Pole Interviews:

I’ll be posting my 2017 North Pole Interview close to Christmas, so keep a lookout for it here on the blog.

Do you have any fun traditions of your own for the holiday season? I’d love to learn about them! Please share in the comments down below.



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