5 Reasons You Can’t Settle for Just Surviving

Life is all about survival. I get that. Every single thing we do is about protecting our livelihood, our health, our souls…

But what happens when we just focus on moving from task to task that we’ve been given? When everything falls into routine and we don’t question our very purpose for existence?

Doesn’t it all get just a little… boring?

I like to joke that “I am not a mundane”, but the reality is that I’ve grown to realize you can’t just settle for surviving. You have to take the extra step, mix things up, and aim for the tallest of heights.

Sure, this probably sounds cliché. It is. And I’m fine with that.

So what happens when you just settle?

You lose your curiosity. And when you do that, you stop learning. Progress doesn’t take place if we aren’t constantly learning new information and correcting our mistakes.

You never find your true essence. If you’re doing some routine sort of job and then just go home at the end of the day to eat and relax, you’re never going to truly find out who you are. Follow your passions. Lose sleep trying to master the violin or learning a new language. Spend your weekends traveling to new places if that’s what you like to do.

You get less than you deserve. You’ll never be able to get to a place that you like if you aren’t putting the effort into jumping over the wall that is blocking your way. The moment you decide you aren’t worth getting further in life is the moment that all of the really good things are suddenly out of reach.

You’ll never be truly content with what you have. Sure, you’ll say you are happy and maybe that is true most of the time. But you’ll always have that nagging feeling that there is something more out there for you. You’ll keep thinking “What If?”. Avoiding risks is like avoiding true happiness.

You stop thinking about the future. There’s no reason to think about the future and your goals if you are just settling for what you can get. Dreams aren’t important. They are just a thought that you’ll never be able to achieve. But that’s so so wrong – your dreams should be one of the things at the forefront of your mind so that they can propel you into a beautiful future.

Take risks and venture into the unknown. Think about what you would do if money wasn’t an issue and what kind of things make your life fill up with happiness. Follow your passions and don’t stop until you’ve moved past the place you had aspired to be.

Most of all – give yourself permission to live. I know that’s what I’m doing. And I’m pretty darn happy right now.

What things are you doing to achieve happiness in life? Share and comment below!



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