Preparing for the September Fitness Challenge

As I listen to TayTay’s new song on repeat, I realize that September is just a few days away. And with it comes a list of things that I’ll be busy with: preparing for Austin Startup Week, blogging (duh), working on a novel to put in a competition by the end of December, and a new exercise challenge.

If you haven’t been following Inbetween Thoughts, we had a challenge in May and I was doing pretty good. Then I went on birthday vacation and was very busy for several weeks. My newly found life of fitness went out the window and never came back.

So I’m pretty excited that we’ll be tackling a new fitness challenge in September. Since my schedule is going to be pretty busy, I’ll probably keep to the same goal that I previously had: 150 minutes of exercise a week.

I want to really go above and beyond, though – maybe make the 150 minutes focus on core exercises and throw in 100 minutes of cardio. It’d probably be better for me.

Four hours of my week? That’s nothing!

I’ll probably put in some time this week before Friday doing some exercises so that I can get back into the routine. I love working with the Blogilates and XHIT Daily YouTube channels, but hope to find some more that I love.

My hope is to also work on doing morning and bedtime stretches, both to work on flexibility and relaxation. Maybe I’ll be able to get up earlier in the morning to accomplish all of these dreams.

But probably not.

Upwards and onwards to a September of fun. I sure am looking forward to it! Do you have anything special planned for next month? Any favorite fitness YouTube channels that you recommend? Feel free to share and comment below – I’d love to hear!




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