Weekend Shopping Adventures + Texas Bag

The outlet mall is always such a fantastic way to pass the time – even if you’re low on budget at the moment! You can work on getting in some steps for the day and just enjoy some time with family. Wear one of your favorite outfits just because.

Plus sales.

Come on, it’s shopping. We’re gonna think about clothes and purses and other fun things at some point while walking around, right?

This weekend I met up with my parents at the Round Rock Outlet Mall – one of our favorite haunts. While my dad worked on his daily step count, my mom and I walked around to some of our favorite stores.

It wasn’t a surprise that we visited White House | Black Market (remember, it’s one of my go to places to shop?). Some of the sales had an additional 60% off! My mom immediately found a top for me to try on. Needless to say, I fell in love with it. It’s simple and feminine – perfect for a nice summer day.


Our outlet adventure eventually brought us over to Michael Kors. I love their bags and clothing line, so walking around the store is always fun. But as we were going through, there was one display that made us stop to check it out.

Now, if there’s one thing you should know about Texans, it’s that we have a bit of state pride. So when I see something that mixes Texas and/or Austin with fashion, I go a bit heart eyed.

You can imagine what happened when my mom and I saw the below bag.



I’m super excited to wear mine around. It’s also super perfect for me because it’s just big enough to fit either a book or my writing notebook (maybe both!). It does come in a larger tote version as well.

We browsed through a few other stores, but didn’t get anything else. Our adventure finished up with some Rudy’s Bar-B-Q, making it a pretty perfect day.

Have any fun shopping adventures of your own lately? What are your hauls? Feel free to share and comment below!




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