5 Ways to Get in Some Summer Fun Before Autumn Arrives

Fall is coming.

Like, really. September 22 marks the first day of Autumn. While there is a whole season of clothes to start preparing, I really think it’s important to spend some time enjoying what’s left of the summer.

If you’re in Texas, there’s a lot of places that you can go to have a great time (I mean, duh, we live in one of the largest states).

Travel to one of the caverns in Texas. love getting to visit caverns and see the natural beauty that the earth has created. The best part about going to one of these systems of caves is that the temperatures are always pretty cool, so it’s also a fantastic way to get out of the Texas heat. A few of the caves that I have visited and recommended are: Natural Bridge Caverns, Inner Space Caverns, Longhorn Caverns, and the Caverns of Sonora (my fave so far).

Trek through the less than wild pathways of the zoo. Okay, be smart with this one and go first thing in the morning. This is good for two reasons. One, you won’t die from the heat once the sun decides to beat down on you in full force. Two, the animals will be out because they won’t be hiding from the sun like you’ll want to. I love places like the San Antonio Zoo and the Dallas Zoo because they let me feed the giraffes (I’m a little obsessed with this amazing animal).

Make a splash into a summer adventure by heading over to your favorite natural pool or lake or river. Any of them work, honestly. Even the ocean. South Padre is pretty freaking fantastic, but Barton Springs is also a great place to relax. I do want to visit a natural pool like the Hamilton Pool or Jacob’s Well – the only downside is that these locations require reservations and can get booked pretty quickly.

Embrace your fun side and do something a bit adventurous. There are some indoor adventures that are just a lot of fun – Blazertag, iFly, Main Event, or a local rock climbing gym… It’s possible to evade the summer heat and have some fun running around at the same time.

Go to the moving pictures in style. I totally missed it, but there were several movie nights at the Lakeway Swim Center this summer. Who wouldn’t have fun with a movie on the water?! Even if you can’t head on over to that, you can be assured that the Alamo Drafthouse has lots of great movie events all the time.

There’s so much more to mention: camping at a state park, embracing nature with some early morning hikes, etc. I honestly wish I could just spend all my time traveling around to enjoy all of the fun things that there are to do. And even though I can’t do that (unless someone wants to hire me to be a travel blogger?), I’ve totally checked off a lot of things on this list this year. What can I check off next?

Feel free to share and comment below! Let me know what your favorite summer activities are and what you want to do before we breeze into autumn.



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