Simple and Chic Cosplay

If you didn’t grow up watching Hayao Miyazaki movies, then I don’t know what kind of childhood you had and you were missing out on some really great shows.

This past Sunday, I went and saw Kiki’s Delivery Service, one of my fave childhood films. It’s about a young girl who just turned thirteen. But there’s something special about this age. She’s a witch and has to go away for a year to train. So she goes to a city by the ocean and starts a delivery business and has to learn to find her inspiration for what she does.

It’s a super cute movie. And you can bet I was excited to see it in an actual theater!

You can also bet that I dressed for the occasion. While I don’t have a purple dress like Kiki does, I threw on one of my Altar’d State dresses that I got last winter and added a red hair bow. Tie it together with some cute “Miss Witch” earrings that I just found at Hot Topic and I found the perfect costume that I can wear whenever I want.


Kiki’s delivery service involves her flying on a broom, so I just kind of had to grab mine to take a picture! 



I used my new Ipsy makeup for my look with this outfit – simple and cute!


These earrings are just too cute!


All in all, I’ve decided that this is probably going to be my Halloween costume this year. I also remembered why I like this dress so much and that I need to wear it more often! The contrast between the purple and red is fantastic (go, Kiki!).

Any cute cosplay that you can wear on a normal basis? Feel free to share and comment below! I can’t wait to hear about your outfits.




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