What I Love About Freeform’s “The Bold Type”

We’re only into week two of the show and I’m hooked. Freeform’s The Bold Type has a cast of characters that are struggling, pushing, fighting to reach their dreams and do what they think is right. It’s set in New York City at Scarlet magazine, which is supposed to be based on Cosmopolitan. Jane, Sutton, and Kat (the main characters) are super loveable and really relatable.

The first several episodes have addressed multiple topics that are prevalent in today’s society: feminism, sexuality, career ambitions, online bullying/trolling, and just finding out who one is supposed to be. I’m excited to see where the show goes and what else they will address as they move forward.

The fun thing about Scarlet is that everyone, so far, seems really supportive of each other and uplifting. I haven’t seen a single Negative Nancy in their office, which is super unrealistic but very inspiring. Jacqueline, the editor-in-chief, of the magazine really breaks Hollywood tradition of the “mean boss” by being the most supportive of all – she pushes for the girls to do things that will help them become the best person they are and listens to their ideas.

My favorite thing about the show, though, is just how empowering it is for women. It’s telling girls out there that they can do what they want – you just have to push to get it. Don’t sit back, don’t settle. Strive. Take actions and work to make your dreams come true.

In the second episode, Sutton is contemplating taking a job in ad sales so that she can earn more money even though she really wants to be in fashion. She mentions that she has a $100 bill that she carries around as a fail safe, a one-way train ticket back home if she can’t get a better job and has to leave New York. At the end of the episode, she goes with a coworker and buys an expensive bottle of champagne to spend that bill on. She’s turning down the ad sales job and going to pursue fashion, even if it’s risky. She wants to go for her dreams.

There’s such a strong sense of feminism in the show as well. Jane wanting to right serious political articles and Kat pushing for social media content that supports feminism and women in tech and feeling so strongly about it.

Freeform, you’ve done a great thing. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

What about you, dear readers? Have you seen the show yet? What are you thoughts? Feel free to share and comment below!



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