Favorite Clothing Stores to Shop

One of the best things about fashion is that there are so many places to shop. The variety of styles and materials and quality – there’s literally no end to it.

Which, in retrospect, is probably one of the worst things about shopping. It can be so hard to find the perfect piece.

Navigating the mall, and, let’s be honest here, the entire internet can be just a little daunting. Okay, a lot daunting.

So what are some of the best places to go shopping? Where can I find the best pieces to go with my style?

  • Forever21If you’re looking for trendy but affordable clothes, Forever21 is the place to be. Sure, there’s more clothes in there than anyone could ever need aaand things can be all over the place, but I’ve grabbed quite a few things from there that just really add to my wardrobe.
  • Francesca’s: One of my new favorite places, Francesca’s is a cute boutique store that has super chic and trendy clothes. They’re a little more expensive than Forever21 but still affordable. And you will honestly be so happy just walking through the store!
  • Cato FashionsCato Fashions is another of my faves. They cater to women of any size and their sales section? Ah-mazing. I spent $60 a few weeks ago and got 9 tops, one dress, and a few pieces of jewelry. Their pieces are some of my favorite parts of my wardrobe.
  • White House | Black Market: This takes you up on the price scale, but you’re definitely getting what you are paying for. WHBM has great quality clothing, all super chic and modern. It’s a great location to buy your nice business suits or just your business casual clothes. And don’t forget to check the sales section – you can find some fantastic deals.
  • ModclothA new store that I’ve become interested in lately, Modcloth has an absolutely adorable line showcasing women’s vintage pieces. And honestly – they are a lifestyle blogger’s dream. They are a little pricey, but definitely worth it.
  • BCBG: Okay, so I can’t afford anything full price here (even though I’ve fallen in love with this gorgeous black lace pleated gown that I just found). But holy moly these clothes. They’re are super modern, super gorgeous. I honestly wish they made up most of my closet. And while the store is really out of budget, definitely check out their sales section (especially in Dilliards!).

So, I’m sure you can tell by now that I am definitely a bargain girl. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I love getting a great deal, like when I got a $200 cute white lace skirt from BCBG for $10 because that store location was closing (miracles do exist!). You can still get quality pieces and not drain your wallet in the process.

What are some of your favorite places to shop? Do any of these make your list? Feel free to share and comment below!




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