Welcome to My Blog

Wow, so we’re here. I’ve been blogging for a while now – several failed blogs from years ago that I will never speak about or mention again and an awesome lifestyle blog called Inbetween Thoughts that I started with my friends Meagan and Alyssa last December.

I’ve been wanting to start something for a while under my go to username for all of my social media (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.). In fact, I meant to start this blog last year, but plans changed just a little bit. It happens. What matters now is that I’m here.

I’m a fashionista enthusiast. Style is my addiction and I needed to find an outlet that would give me the chance to do more than just show off my outfits to my coworkers and friends. Instagram has really been my way to do this, but blogging is a way to mix fashion with my other passion: writing.

My hope is to help inspire others as I move forward in my fashion/style journey and to learn as much as I can! Eventually, I’d love for this to become a full-time thing – but that’s probably pretty far into the future.

As we move forward, I’m sure you want to know more about me and why the heck you should listen to any of my advice or opinions. If my posts are even worth reading.

I’m a young twenty-something working in an office full-time. I’ve worked part-time in retail off and on the past couple of years, specializing in helping out in the fitting room. I loved seeing everyone’s different styles and putting together outfits that really emphasized who each girl was. Style is unique to each individual and I love that.

I dress up for work (for my full-time gig, though probably also my part-time even if they were all outfits sold at the store). I don’t think it’s possible to overdress. Each outfit that I put together says something about me and fills me with happiness. Gives me confidence.

I love that about fashion and style as well. It’s not just about showing off designer brands to the world. It’s about showing off who you are and giving you a reason to feel confident as you go about the day.

But fashion isn’t my only passion, like I mentioned above. I love reading so much and that turned into a love for writing and pulling together stories that are just so much bigger than myself. However, I’ve spent so much time since graduating high school focusing on work and school and, dare I say it, being social that I’ve forgotten the art of writing. I’m here to get it back. I’m here to start really focusing on my passions again and, eventually, to write a book. It’s been a dream since I was small and I am going to accomplish that. I owe it to myself.

This blog is going to be about living to the fullest – throwing together super fun outfits for any occasion, staying fit and healthy, and just being happy with what we have. Isn’t this something we should all strive for?

I think it is.

So, welcome. Welcome to my blog. I’m so so glad to have you here as we take this step forward together. We’re gonna go places. Just you wait and see.




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